Vytorin® Side Effects Lawyers

Vytorin Controversy

There are thousands of drugs on the market, all of which claim to be able to deliver on their promises of cures or relief for patients. What happens when a drug does not live up to the hype? Vytorin may be just such a drug. Read on for more information on the Vytorin controversy and your legal rights.

Vytorin was approved by the FDA in 2004 after being co-developed and dually marketed by Schering-Plough and Merck. The drug combines Zocor (a statin) and Zetia (a cholesterol-lowering agent) and claims to lower cholesterol found in food and in the liver, reducing patients’ risk for heart attacks, strokes, and artery plaque buildup.

Though the drug has not been pulled from the market, it has been the subject of FDA scrutiny due to concerns that it may not actually perform the tasks it claims to. A study called the ENHANCE study was undertaken by both drug companies in an attempt to determine whether the drug lives up to its claims, and the FDA completed its analysis of the study on January 13, 2008. Though it has not found any reason to pull the drug from the market at this time, the FDA is awaiting results from a trial on 18,000 patients slated for a 2012 completion.

What about patients who have already experienced Vytorin side effects? They can seek legal recourse through the civil courts, which allow victims who can prove their medical damages to seek compensation for the consequences of using drugs such as Vytorin. It can be tempting to “go it alone” when you think you have a valid lawsuit, but patients are advised to seek out an unsafe drugs attorney and consult with them before undertaking this complex and daunting litigation.

Farah & Farah has helped hundreds of clients get the financial compensation they deserve, recovering money related to the costs of medical treatment, lost wages, even pain and suffering.

We believe that individuals should take pharmaceutical giants to task for promoting and manufacturing drugs that are unsafe or ineffective. Our track record shows our expertise both in and out of court, and we’re willing to share that success with you through a free, confidential case evaluation. Do you have a Vytorin lawsuit? Find out today. Call 877-245-6707 now for your free case consultation with a personal injury attorney.

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