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Injured in a train or railroad accident?

Train accidents are far less common than other vehicle accidents, but many people are killed or injured every year in Florida due to these collisions. Should a train collide with a vehicle or other hazard, both the occupants of the train are affected by the collision can suffer serious and possibly fatal trauma in mere moments. At Farah & Farah, our Jacksonville accident lawyers believe it is important for all Florida residents, train commuter or not, to understand the inherent danger of these types of accidents and how you may be affected by a crash.

The Serious Dangers of Train Wrecks

Train accidents can occur for many reasons, commonly including train personnel error, mechanical error, train track failure, signalmen error, and reckless actions on the part of vehicle drivers and pedestrians. No matter the type of accident, almost all accidents involving trains are incredibly serious. Collisions between trains and trucks, derailments, bridge collapse, and train versus train collisions not only endanger everyone on board the train but anyone directly involved with the wreck or those nearby.

Railroad crossing

Other Forms of Train Accidents

Not all train accidents involve the train derailing or colliding with a hazard. Fires onboard due to a variety of accidents and engine explosions can quickly endanger everyone onboard should the fire spread through the compartments or cause the train to crash. Additionally, falls from trains have been known to cause serious and even fatal injuries depending on the nature of the accident. While these accidents are rare, errors on the part of the conductor or other train staff, as well as mechanical failure, may put passengers in danger of suffering such accidents.

Facing the Train Companies

When searching for compensation for the losses that have resulted from a train accident, you not only face the individual responsible but the entire train company, their attorneys, and the insurance company. Such a challenge is intimidating and may scare many into not pursuing legal action or accepting whatever amount of compensation is initially offered to them. These companies seek to intimidate accident victims in order to avoid paying fair compensation, no matter how much they are responsible for the accident. However, through dedicated legal representation that investigates the accident, finds irrefutable proof, and uses key witness, the truth can be brought to light and your losses can be covered.

Jacksonville Train Accident Lawyers Providing Dedicated Legal Representation

The Jacksonville train accident attorneys at Farah & Farah are dedicated to protecting the rights of all accident victims. We have many years of experience handling a wide range of personal injury cases. For more information on how we can help, call our offices at (877) 245-6707 today.

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