Why Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Should I Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

Having the best legal minds on your side maximizes the chance of a successful outcome for your car accident case. An experienced car accident attorney can be a vital partner through this challenging time, and can assist you with:

At Farah and Farah, we’ve stood up for the rights of injured car accident victims for over 40 years and have recovered over $1 billion on behalf of our clients.

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Is It Worth Hiring a Lawyer for a Car Accident Case?

Putting your life back together after a car accident is not easy and it is absolutely in your best interest to consult with a dedicated car accident attorney who can help you navigate the complexities of protecting your rights and seeking the justice you deserve.

The recovery process after an accident can take weeks, months, or even years, but the process of ensuring you recover the damages you’re entitled to begins the moment the accident occurs. In the immediate aftermath of an accident you’ll need to submit testimony to the authorities, visit medical professionals, file claims, and begin the lengthy process of working with insurance companies who want nothing more than to stack the odds against you and escape accountability.

You need a professional who understands every aspect of a car accident case and can help actualize the victory you deserve. At Farah and Farah, our car accident lawyers understand that your priority needs to be recovering your health and we make it our job to recover everything else you are owed as a result of your accident.

See how our team helps streamline your recovery process below.

We Will Investigate and Gather Evidence

Thoroughly investigating your claim is one of the most essential parts of your recovery and it begins the moment you contact us. Time is not on your side. You need an attorney who will secure persuasive evidence like security camera footage, witness accounts, medical records, and expert testimony. These types of evidence establish liability and can make or break a case

We leave no stone unturned in our quest to find evidence that accurately reconstructs the accident scene. That way, there is a clear picture of the events that led to the accident and leaves no doubt as to who is responsible. This kind of evidence is crucial for challenging any denials of wrongdoing and for assessing what damages you’re entitled to.

We Know How to Work With Insurance Companies

In the over forty years we’ve been fighting for justice, we’ve seen a lot of car accidents and have documented almost every type of injury these life-changing events can result in. We’ve also seen our fair share of victims struggling to get what they deserve from insurance companies.

Ideally, an insurance company will compensate you fully for your injuries, including the cost of your medical bills. However, this is often not the case. Many insurance companies will stop at nothing to deny your claim and reduce the size of your payout. They are for-profit businesses, and many have a financial incentive not to diminish your suffering. 

The bottom line is that the insurance company will have a team of lawyers on its side. At Farah and Farah, we believe you’re entitled to a fair fight and deserve someone looking out for your best interests. With decades of knowledge and experience in working car accident cases, we know exactly how to go toe-to-toe with insurance companies to ensure they pay what they owe. 

We Can Negotiate Fair Compensation

The insurance industry collects billions of dollars annually, often with lowball settlements that seem high but in reality fail to properly compensate for the amount of pain, suffering, and damages that often result from a car accident. Do not be fooled. Insurance companies almost always offer you less than the true value of your claim

Without an experienced car accident attorney who understands the average settlement amount for your case, it is very difficult to know whether or not you are receiving less than your case is worth

We have collected over $1 billion for our clients while fighting to ensure they are compensated for the true value of their claim. These victories reclaim money from the ultra-wealthy insurance company and put it back in the pockets of the hardworking people who deserve it. At Farah and Farah, we make it our responsibility to fight for every penny you deserve.

We Have Knowledge of the Law and Provide Informed Legal Advice

Accident law varies depending on the state or area you’re in, from the time required to seek medical attention to the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit in the first place. You may be surprised to find that there are even differences between municipalities in the same area. Dealing with these quirks and loopholes can be a lot to deal with when securing your recovery alone. A skilled car accident lawyer will understand these differences and prevent you from experiencing setbacks in your recovery. 

In addition to top-notch legal advice, you will need someone with access to resources that support your case. For instance, a skilled lawyer will be able to direct you to expert medical guidance to assist you with your recovery and enlist medical experts who can assist with bolstering your case. 

The car accident attorneys at Farah and Farah provide the resources and support you need to have the best chance at winning your case. We put the well-being of our clients first and deploy our assets using a contingency fee model, meaning you won’t pay anything unless we win. 

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We Are Florida and Georgia’s Most Trusted Car Accident Attorneys

A car accident can put a storm cloud over your entire life, not only keeping you from the things you love but preventing you from providing for your family. Your recovery depends on knowing when to hire a lawyer after an accident. Whether you were involved in a small fender bender or a major accident, our car accident lawyers want nothing more than to see you through this time of uncertainty. However, the clock is ticking and you need to act before the statute of limitations runs out

There’s a reason why so many people trust Farah & Farah to secure their recovery. We’ve made it our mission to treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve, no matter how big or small their case may be.

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