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According to the National Highway Safety Board (NTSB), nearly 10% of all automobile accidents are caused by unsafe lane changes. While any car accident is traumatic, unsafe lane changes caused by one driver’s negligence can cause a chain reaction of catastrophic injuries. 

If you — or someone you love — have been the victim of an unsafe lane change accident, you deserve answers

Trust the experienced, compassionate lawyers at Farah & Farah to get you the compensation you deserve. Call our Florida and Georgia unsafe lane change attorneys 24/7 at (866) 720-3775 or schedule a free, no-obligation consultation now!

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What Is An Unsafe Lane Change?

An unsafe lane change is defined as moving out of the lane of travel without ensuring that it is safe to do so. The consequences of this deceptively simple action can be complex and devastating.  Unsafe lane changes can quickly cause a chain reaction of destruction, particularly if a larger vehicle collides with a smaller one.

Examples of an unsafe lane change include failing to signal before changing lanes, moving into a neighboring lane of travel and striking another car, causing an adjacent car to brake suddenly, or hitting an oncoming car head-on if passing.

Causes of Unsafe Lane Change Accidents

As one of the most common accidents on the road, there are many ways that a motorist can make an unsafe lane change. Common causes of unsafe lane change accidents include:

Whatever the cause, an unsafe lane change accident caused by a negligent driver can have very serious consequences for your health, property, and well-being.

How to Avoid Unsafe Lane Change Accidents

Every driver has the responsibility to operate their vehicle safely and exercise a duty of care toward other drivers. Here are some tips to avoid an unsafe lane change accident: 

Unsafe lane change accidents can result in catastrophic injuries. Following these common-sense driving tips can help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Who Is at Fault In an Illegal Lane Change Accident?

One of the most important factors of any unsafe lane change case is determining who is liable for the accident. While every case and set of circumstances is unique, the driver changing lanes is often determined to be at fault if the lane change results in an accident. Police, investigators, and the judge will work to determine who possessed the right of way in a given situation. 

In many jurisdictions, a driver is responsible for changing lanes only if it is safe to do so. Other factors, such as weather, time of day, or road work, may also factor into determining liability, as will relevant local laws. 

Proving liability can be difficult without a skilled legal team on your side. Trust the unsafe lane change lawyers at Farah & Farah to help you during every step of this difficult time, from finding the right doctors to treat your injuries and negotiating medical bills to filing documentation with insurance companies and assisting with property damage, all while battling for the maximum possible verdict or settlement without charging you fees unless we win your case. 

Our Unsafe Lane Change Accident Attorneys Can Help

The aftermath of any car accident is traumatic, and unsafe lane change accidents can be especially devastating. At such a critical time, you deserve someone fighting for your best interests. 

At Farah & Farah, we work on a contingency basis, so you won’t owe us a dime unless we win or settle your case. Trust our team of experienced unsafe lane change attorneys to fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. Our attorneys are standing by to help you find the best way forward. Schedule your case review online, or call us at (866) 720-3775 to get started. 

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