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Tampa Workers’ Compensation Attorney

We understand how difficult your life can become after a workplace injury. You require time to heal and to return to your normal day-to-day life while you get back to work. Often, an issue holding back your workers’ compensation claim can prevent you from achieving this level of full recovery. Our Tampa workers’ compensation attorney is here to help you.

When insurance companies or your employer is trying to deny your claim or decrease your benefits, you require a legal professional who can step in and become your advocate. We’ll fight your employer or insurance company to try to pay you a fair compensation.

At Farah & Farah, our team is on your side and want to help you get back to work without worrying about your medical expenses. When you file a workers’ compensation claim through Farah & Farah, we’ll compel your employer or insurance company to pay you fair compensation. You should never have to settle for less than you deserve. We’ll ensure you’re not placed in that position. Call us today at (813) 358-0490 to discuss your workers’ compensation case.

What You Can Expect from Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Our main objective when it comes to your workers’ compensation claim is to get you the justice you deserve. You have given your time and energy to this business, and now it’s time for them to take care of you when you need it. When you work with our Tampa personal injury lawyer, you can expect us to:

  • Help find a third party doctor to treat your injury and document your injuries.
  • Sift through all the paperwork from your case.
  • Get any prescriptions and lost wages reimbursed.
  • Investigate the incident thoroughly to be clear about what happened.

How Long Will It Take to Receive Benefits?

While each case is unique, the time it takes to receive your benefits can be greatly shortened by working with a Tampa workers’ compensation lawyer. The lawyer can ensure paperwork is filed correctly and help you to avoid many of the delays others face in their cases.

What Should You Do After Being Injured on the Job?

If you have suffered an injury in the workplace, your compensation claim will go much smoother if you follow these steps:

  • Tell your employer you have been injured. The law requires you to report the injury within 30 days of your knowledge of the injury.
  • When reporting the injury, ask the employer which doctor is authorized under their insurance policy.
  • In an emergency, go to the emergency room first and let your employer know about the injury as soon as possible.
  • Your insurance company adjustor should call you within 24-hours to explain your rights and obligations.
  • Within 3-to-5 days of the employer reporting your accident, you should receive a brochure as well as an informational packet with the documents related to your case.

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Our team at Farah & Farah is here to help guide you in your Tampa workers’ compensation case. We understand how difficult it must be to be denied rights that you deserve and our passionate lawyers are ready to fight for you. Call now to discuss your legal options.