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Disability Denial And Reconsideration In Florida and Georgia

Social Security Disability benefits are a safety net for most Americans who never expected to become disabled. The odds are not as slim as you might think – for a 20-year-old, the chance of becoming disabled before retirement age is 3 in 10.

Whether your disability is a mental or physical one, a disability can make it impossible for you to be gainfully employed. The disability must be serious enough and expected to last for a continuous period of time extending 12 months or beyond, or where death is likely to result.

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Denials are Common

The process of receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be time-consuming and challenging. The truth is that while Social Security is supposed to be there when we need it, the Social Security Administration makes it very difficult to get those benefits. Unfortunately, about 70% of the initial applications are denied.

That may be because there is no simple way to determine if an individual is disabled. There is an underlying suspicion that many people will fake a disability in order to qualify for benefits. Or you may be denied Social Security Disability if it is determined that with retraining you could return to some sort of employment.

What To Do If You Were Denied

If you are denied at the initial level you should appeal by filing a Request for Reconsideration within 60 days. The case is then sent to a different examiner, but unfortunately about 80% of the time the reconsideration decision will also result in a denial.

At that time it will also be important to have a Florida or Georgia Social Security Disability denial attorney by your side because the hearing represents the best case to have your request reconsidered. After that hearing, one can appeal a second denial and ultimately take their benefits request to a federal court.

Call Farah & Farah’s SSD Denial Attorneys at (877) 245-6707 Today

Applicants who use the expertise of a Florida or Georgia SSD lawyer will have a greater likelihood of obtaining Social Security disability benefits. Our team at Farah & Farah will stand by you through the arduous process and walk you through the steps needed to challenge a denial. With so much on the line, we are prepared to argue your case during the Social Security disability denial and reconsideration process. Our team will ensure your medical documents are up-to-date and medically substantiate your condition. (877) 245-6707

With so much as stake, try not to go it alone.
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