The True Dangers That Jacksonville Workers Face on Scaffolds

It is estimated that approximately 65 percent of all construction workers regularly use scaffolds in the course of their daily work. However, reviews by civil engineers have shown that these pieces of equipment are often compromised and do not follow proper safety guidelines.

There are five main types of scaffolding accidents that frequently lead to injuries and fatalities every year. However, each can be prevented with increased safety regulations. These dangers and their defenses include:

  • Falls – Prevented by guardrails, toeboards, tight planks, and ladders that keep workers from climbing the braces.
  • Slip and Falls – Prevented by not allowing workers to use scaffolds covered in snow, ice, and other slippery material and providing employees with cleats on footwear.
  • Scaffolding Collapse – Prevented by ensuring the scaffold has a solid footing, can carry four times its maximum intended load, is regularly inspected, and is tied to adjacent structures.
  • Worker Electrocution – Prevented by keeping scaffolds at least 10 feet away from power lines and taking note of all power lines when erecting the structure.
  • Workers Hit by Falling Objects – Prevented by barricading the area below the scaffold or setting up a protective canopy, installing toeboards along the platform’s edges, and installing screening to catch larger objects.

Studies have shown that if these safety guidelines were followed, approximately 4,500 injuries and 50 deaths would be eliminated each year. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests that workplaces appoint a competent person to check for dangers and ensure that safety measures are consistently followed in order to keep scaffolds safe at all times.

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