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Runaway Trailer Truck Accident

Although it doesn’t happen often, a semi-trailer can disconnect from the tractor hauling it. What results is a runaway trailer; out of control and gaining speed endangering everyone and everything in its way – motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycle riders, children, businesses – everyone is put at risk by this torpedo and the results can be catastrophic.

What options are there for the injured? First, an experienced truck accident lawyer in Jacksonville should be consulted immediately to try and determine the at-fault party. You may qualify to receive damages to cover the cost of your treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages and future medical care. There may also be post-traumatic stress that results from the accident that may require resources for treatment.

Your counsel will need to investigate the hazardous roadway conditions that may have contributed to your accident as well as driver error. There may be a defective design of the truck that contributed to the hazard, in which case a defective product claim can be made against the manufacturer.

Runaway Trailer Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries & Even Death

Runaway trailer accidents can affect multiple drivers and have extremely serious consequences, from lacerations and broken bones to lifelong disability or even death.

Trucking companies have a responsibility to meet all state and federal regulations to safely connect the tractor and semi-trailer.

Why Do Trailers Disconnect?

There could be wear and tear from weather and road conditions that causes the trailer to come loose from the truck. A driver could have failed to connect the rigs together properly and maintenance could be lacking. In addition, a pothole could cause enough movement to disconnect the trailer.

Besides a big-rig or large truck, trailers can be homemade contraptions that haul boats, moving vans or lawn equipment. With trailers that weigh less than 3,000 pounds, there is very little regulation and they may fail to have an adequate trailer hitch, safety chain or cable, brake lights or rear lights. The unsuspecting motorist may drive right into the rear of an inadequately connected trailer.

Deadly Trucking Accident Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds that about 440 individuals are killed every year by cars towing trailers, and injuries exceed 24,000.

Dangeroustrailers.org tells the heartbreaking stories of people who have been killed by runaway trailers. The group says 963 people have lost their lives from runaway trailers since 1975.

Another type of runaway trailer is the tractor trailer itself. Occasionally, essential systems fail on the big rigs such as a failure of the truck’s brakes. That can happen when the trailer is in a long downhill pitch and the brakes are overwhelmed by the momentum. A truck can then accelerate out of control taking out whatever is in its path. That is why you see incline ramps on some highways designed to stop a runaway truck.

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