Farah & Farah dives into some featured articles that provide never seen before research and data among many industry topics from car accident perceptions to workplace injuries.

Common Beauty Product Injuries– Exploring cosmetic injuries reported to the FDA.

Do You Feel Safe at Work?– Exploring workplace security and precautions.

Dread While Driving– Comparing driving fears to actual Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) data.

The Face of Road Rage– Examining the demographics of aggressive drivers.

Handling Hurricanes– How Americans weather the most destructive storms.

Injuries at Sea– Examining the frequency of cruise ship injuries.

Medical Malpractice by State– Exploring medical malpractice across America from 1990-2017.

Our Automotive Guardian Angels– How seat belt and alcohol laws have improved the safety of American roadways.

Recreation Gone Wrong– Exploring injuries caused by recreational vehicles.

The Sexes Sense of Safety– How men and women fight fear in everyday situations.

Sick Days in America– How 1,012 workers utilize their paid sick time.

Side Effects May Include…– Examining medications with the most frequent and severe side effects.

Weeding Out Employees– Impact of marijuana legalization in the workplace.

Would you Sue?– Exploring the beliefs and statistics around lawsuits in America.

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