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Patients with Parkinson’s disease often manage to control the tremors associated with the condition through dopamine agonists, drugs that help manage Parkinson’s symptoms. Unfortunately, Permax, a dopamine agonist, was completely withdrawn from the U.S. marketplace due to its potential contribution to heart valve damage in Parkinson’s patients, while Dostinex, another dopamine agonist, is not yet approved for the treatment of this condition. Read on for more information on Permax and Dostinex side effects:

Both Permax and Dostinex have been found to contribute to heart valve problems including leaking and regurgitation. Both are extremely dangerous for the heart and can even lead to death in some patients. Though the FDA has not recalled Dostinex, citing its efficacy in small doses, it removed Permax entirely from United States shelves in 2007. Though Permax and Dostinex are known to cause problems, the problem is not thought to extend to all dopamine agonists, some of which may be an effective alternative treatment for patients suffering from Parkinson’s.

Patients who were taking Permax were told not to stop the drug abruptly, but rather to see their doctors immediately to discuss treatment alternatives. Unfortunately, these precautions do absolutely nothing to protect those who have already been exposed to the side effects of Permax and Dostinex, many of whom will experience life-threatening heart valve problems that can destroy their quality of life.

Patients who have been affected by Dostinex or Permax side effects do have legal options, which include filing a lawsuit in civil court to obtain damages associated with treatment costs, ongoing care, pain and suffering, and other factors. However, it is recommended that those who do so look for competent and reputable pharmaceutical litigation attorney before filing a lawsuit.

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