Florida Mass Transit Accident Attorneys

For residents across Florida, mass transit systems of all kinds offer an inexpensive and convenient mode of transportation, but when accidents occur with such transportation, the resulting injuries are often devastating. When using mass transit, passengers trust that those in charge of operating the vehicles are well trained and will transport them safely. Additionally, the companies in charge of such transportation have a duty to keep their vehicle maintained and running free of potential problems. However, while such accidents are less common than truck collisions, motorcycle accidents, and car crashes, they still frequently occur, often due to the negligent or reckless actions of the driver or company.

Mass Transit Systems and Accidents

There are a wide variety of mass transit systems available in each city throughout Florida, each with their own hazards. Every Florida resident, whether or not they have been involved in an accident, should be aware of the dangers present in each type of transportation.

  • Buses: Some of the most commonly used mass transit vehicles throughout Florida, buses are subject to the same types of crashes as other vehicles; however, many do not have seatbelts, leaving occupants unprotected in the event of an accident.
  • Trains: While trains are involved in much fewer accidents than other vehicles, should a train crash into something or derail, the injuries suffered are frequently catastrophic and deadly in nature. Additionally, occupants of vehicles and pedestrians hit by trains are often fatally injured.
  • Ferries: Used to transport people and vehicles across the water, if a ferry has an accident, victims can be thrown into the water, adding the danger of drowning to all other possible injuries.
  • Trams: While these vehicles typically travel at a slower rate than other vehicles, they commonly feature less safety measures. Should a tram derail or collide with a hazard, the occupants may be ejected and otherwise harmed during the crash.

Coping with Serious Injuries

Many injuries can result from a mass transit crash including broken bones, brain trauma, organ injuries, cuts and bruises, strains and sprains, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and more. Victims of such accidents will often require emergency treatment in order to not succumb to their serious injuries. Once out of the emergency room, each victim will have to cope with their unique losses in order to regain the abilities that may have been lost in the accident. Often, further surgeries and medical care will be needed to help the damage heal, but beyond that, rehabilitation may be required. Through lengthy treatments, a victim may be able to heal from serious injuries such as brain trauma and spine damage. However, this will neither be an easy or inexpensive experience, but without it, a victim may never be able to live as they once did.

Finding Help on the Road to Recovery

Because mass transit systems are typically run by major corporations with government support, those seeking compensation for their losses will often be met with legal opposition and stubborn insurance companies that seek to limit, or completely refute, the compensation a victim needs. But fair and full compensation is still possible through the help of a Florida mass transit accident attorney at Farah & Farah. Our legal team has spent many years finding needed compensation for injured clients, no matter who the at-fault party was or how complex the case. Through our skills and resources, we can help you begin your recovery so that you can be free of the physical, financial, and emotional damage that result from such accidents. For a consultation on your possible case from our legal team, call 877-245-6707.

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