How Our Orlando Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You And Your Family

Trucking accidents are usually much different than ordinary car collisions. Semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles are large, powerful, and carry heavy cargo. When accidents happen, they can lead to horrific injuries and damages. In 2017 alone, there were an estimated 116,000 injuries caused by collisions involving large trucks and buses, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

If you’ve been injured due to a commercial trucking accident, a personal injury lawyer can help you buy a new vehicle, get back to work, and pay for medical treatment  Contact the experienced attorneys at Farah & Farah to help you through the complicated claims process. We can also assist you with the resources needed to pursue justice. Get started with a free, no-obligation consultation.

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How Our Orlando Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You And Your Family

Trucking accidents are often much more complicated than a typical car collision. For starters, there are many potentially liable parties involved. These include insurance providers, transportation companies, individual drivers, truck manufacturers, the trucker’s employer, and more. A winning strategy starts with gathering evidence like the trucker’s driving log, witness consultation, and taking photographs. 

No trucking accident is the same. You will need comprehensive and thorough plans to help recover damages. Our team of experts will begin collecting evidence to understand the causes of the accidents and hold all negligent parties accountable. 


We can help you from start to finish. Our Orlando truck accident attorneys will outline a winning game plan for you by:

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When To Hire A Truck Accident Lawyer in Orlando

One of the most common questions people have is “what should I do next?” It is crucial to contact an attorney as soon as you can to begin a thorough investigation. There is a limited statute of limitations for trucking accidents. The deep pockets of trucking companies can put a roadblock between you and collecting a fair settlement. Their team will get to work immediately with a wealth of resources to ensure their client’s protection. And often, this means shortchanging any compensation. 


A semi-truck attorney can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Most trucking incidents have insurance companies and mega-corporations that do not care about doing what’s right. They will swiftly conduct their own investigation, and your attorney needs to be there when they begin. 


You have a legal right to pursue justice. Fighting for a fair settlement for your injuries is an uphill battle with insurance carriers, unsympathetic companies, and mountains of legal paperwork. Let Farah & Farah fight for your health and financial wellbeing. Get the ball rolling on your case now.

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Farah & Farah Employs The Top Truck Accident Lawyers In Orlando

If you’ve been involved in a trucking accident, trust Farah & Farah. Let our attorneys handle the case investigation so you can spend your time focusing on healing instead of being locked in a complicated litigation battle.

Our truck accident lawyers have a rock-solid history of winning cases. Let our compassionate team of truck accident attorneys in Orlando, FL fight for you. Contact us now for your free, no-obligation case review. 

If you have more questions about your truck accident, check out some resources to better understand your case. Don’t hesitate. Call Farah & Farah now for a free, no-obligation case review.

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