Have You Experienced a Burn Injury? An Orlando Burn Lawyer Can Help

Burn injuries are among the most painful you can experience. The most serious burns can cause extreme physical and emotional pain, disfigurement, and lifelong disabilities. Sometimes, these injuries are often caused by another person’s negligence, making the experience even more traumatic.


If you have suffered a burn injury in the Orlando area, you deserve to have the most experienced burn injury attorneys on your side. Trust Farah & Farah to fight for the justice you deserve. Contact us today at 407-329-5054 for a free, no-obligation case review. We are here to help 24/7. 

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burns can occur in many situations, including:

Burn injuries often result from someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior. For example, faulty equipment at your place of employment, corners cut by a landlord, or someone’s reckless driving are just a few of the common situations that can result in devastating burn injuries. 


If you’ve suffered burns in the Orlando area, our team of experienced and compassionate burn injury lawyers are standing by to help. 

Degrees and Severity Of Burn Injuries

Depending on their severity, burns are classified as first, second, third, or fourth degree. In addition to being more painful than many other types of injuries, burns also tend to be more complicated to treat, and the circumstances in which they occur can be traumatic.  

Burn injuries can penetrate the layers of a person’s skin and damage or destroy underlying nerves, muscles, blood vessels, bones, and even organs. Some burns may lead to lifelong scars and disability

There are four classes of burn severity: 

The complexity and long-term effects of burns make them among the most daunting and traumatic to live with. Our team of burn injury lawyers will fight to get you the best care and work to make sure those responsible for your injuries are held accountable

Types Of Burns

Burn injuries are classified by their cause. These include:

Impacts and Complications

Burns are among the most debilitating injuries you can receive. Burn victims may experience:

Severe burns may lead to serious complications, including blood loss, shock, and bacterial infections. If your burn causes one of these complications, you will need additional treatment, which means more medical bills. You may require extensive plastic surgery, skin grafts, as well as psychological care to overcome trauma


A burn injury can be life-changing. You could be facing lifelong medical bills, loss of income, ongoing emotional trauma or PTSD, and other hardships. In this situation, it is in your best interest to have the best team of Orlando burn injury attorneys fighting for you. 

How An Orlando Burn Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve suffered a burn injury, you may be feeling overwhelmed and not know where to turn. At Farah & Farah, we’ve been proudly standing up for the rights of injury victims for over 40 years. 

Our team can help you:

Our Orlando burn injury attorneys have the time, resources, and experience to go toe to toe with insurance companies and other moneyed interests that may seek to deny your claims. Trust us to fight for the compensation you deserve so that you can focus on what really matters: healing. 

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