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Your doctor was supposed to ease your pain, but instead, they ended up causing more. We understand that you’re in the process of dealing with this injury, but the Orlando medical malpractice lawyers from Farah & Farah want to help you get the proper care you deserve, so it doesn’t happen again.

At Farah & Farah, our attorneys can help relieve the additional financial burden associated with a medical malpractice claim. We will fight for your rights through every step of the process because we are passionate about finding the justice you deserve.

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Why Choose Farah & Farah’s Orlando Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

At Farah & Farah, our personal injury attorneys will handle every detail of your case. While you focus on your treatment and recovery, our team will work tirelessly for you. We will:

  • Gather evidence and perform a comprehensive investigation of the malpractice.
  • Hire medical experts that are needed in your medical malpractice case, no matter the cost.
  • Negotiate medical bills and file all necessary paperwork so you don’t have to.
  • Fight for the maximum possible verdict or settlement. You don’t pay any fees until we win.

Medical Malpractice Statistics

The Institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Sciences claims that up to 98,000 patients are killed every year in the US due to medical errors. Despite these staggering numbers, less than 0.5% of doctors ever face serious sanctions. In 2014, 2061 complaints were filed against physicians in Florida and 983 medical malpractice claims were made. 

Types of Medical Injuries

There is a range of different injuries that can form the basis of a medical malpractice lawsuit in Orlando. Claims can be made against doctors, specialists, nurses, hospitals, medical clinics and pharmaceutical companies. The injuries typically fall within the following categories:

  • Misdiagnosis – missed or delayed diagnoses that lead to lost treatment opportunities, or serious harm and death.
  • Childbirth injuries – Injuries sustained during pregnancy or during childbirth.
  • Medication errors – Mistakes on initial prescription or administration of drugs can lead to potential complications.
  • Anesthesia errors – More dangerous in surgery, where a small intolerance can lead to permanent brain damage, injury or death.
  • Surgery errors – Punctured organs or blood vessels, leaving surgical equipment in the body, or wrong medications can impact harmful injuries form negligence.

How Much Does a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Orlando Charge?

By choosing Farah & Farah, you have no financial risk. Our contingency fee policy means that you will pay no out-of-pocket expenses for the entirety of your case. We know that you are focused on getting better and dealing with the emotional trauma of what has happened to you and we want to make the process as easy for you as possible. You will only pay if we win a favorable verdict or settlement.

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