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After Being Hurt On The Job You May Not Know What To Do Next

Getting hurt on the job can be a real challenge, and a debilitating injury may make it difficult to go back to work for some time. You may have to rest for several weeks or require time to heal. Unfortunately, you may also be struggling to receive workers’ compensation. Insurance companies or your employer can make it complicated to obtain your compensation – or deny your claim entirely. Don’t let your employer decrease your benefits when you need them most! 


The experienced Jacksonville workers’ comp attorneys at Farah & Farah are here to fight on your behalf and help you receive the justice you deserve. People are entitled to worker’s compensation for various accidents, and it’s not always the employer that needs to be at fault to take compensation. Contact us for a free case review, and we will discuss the best course of legal action to take.

How Our Jacksonville Workers’ Comp Lawyers Can Help You And Your Family

The process of obtaining workers’ compensation can be complicated, and an employee must report their injury within 30 days of an accident. It’s best to contact a lawyer to handle filing out the excessive paperwork, so you can focus on healing. An attorney can also help you obtain a formal evaluation of injuries by a medical expert. A verified report will support your claim, and it will make sure you are adequately covered for all medical costs. 

Next, an attorney will help file your claim. Your employer or insurance provider may make it difficult and even try to deny your claim entirely! We’ll help fight for fair compensation. If disputes carry out, the case may have to go to court. An attorney can help provide medical records, expert testimony, and represent your best interests, so you can have a safe and stress-free recovery. Sometimes, mediation is needed to settle a workers’ compensation claim. We’ll help you throughout this potentially complicated process and set you up for positive results.

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In the meantime, our attorneys will help you:

When To Hire A Workers’ Comp Lawyer

We recommend hiring a worker’s compensation attorney as soon as possible. Obtaining worker’s comp benefits can be difficult, and a professional personal injury attorney can make it much easier. We have vast experience handling a variety of worker’s compensation cases and know the laws in place to help you earn justice. 


Insurance companies will do everything they can to challenge your claim and lower your settlement. An attorney will fight in your best interests to improve your request’s success rate and aid your compensation benefits. We don’t charge any fees until you win your case. So the better your settlement, the better it is for everyone! 

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Find Out What Real People Are Saying About Their Experience with Farah & Farah Jacksonville

Judy N.

“Awesome team, they kept their word and always kept me informed . Kristen Bolhm went over and beyond to win my case . I am very pleased with them .I got well over more than half of what we fought for . I highly recommend Farah and Farah with out hestitation .”

Almeda W.

“I had such a wonderful experience being legally represented by Attorney Leslie and Paralegal Jordan! They were great at explaining the Litigation process. They listened to my concerns and always answered all my questions. They went above and beyond for me as their clients,and took time out of their schedule to keep me update.”

Diane H

“My daughter was hurt in a car accident in June of last year I called Farah and Farah and within an hour someone came to my house and got a statement. He was so friendly and understand broke everything down to me.”


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Farah & Farah Employs The Top Workers’ Comp Lawyers In Jacksonville, FL

Don’t get drained by mounting bills, incomplete paperwork, and the pressures of lost wages. Tend to your injuries while we tend to your legal case. We’ll work with you along the way to try and take full advantage of your worker’s compensation insurance benefits, so your medical expenses and lost income can be compensated. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case review! 

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