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Construction Site Premises Liability Claims

At one time the construction industry was the largest single industry accounting for billions in investment and millions of jobs. Dangers on-the-job are an unfortunate reality in the construction industry with more than 1,000 workers killed every year and more than 400,000 injuries on the job site annually. Slip and falls on a construction site can occur when there is:

  • Wet floors
  • Poor lighting
  • Debris on the ground
  • Potholes and missing pavement
  • An absence of warning signs

Construction sites can mean everything from a residential home site, new construction, commercial property, or a remodeling job. Injuries can occur to workers, occupants, or even a passerby.

Who is Responsible for a Construction Slip and Fall Accident in Florida?

The primary question to ask – was the property owner or contractor negligent? The answer to that question will determine the viability of your claim. Also important is why you were on the site. If you were a trespasser, you might not have a valid claim but a worker or invited guest may be able to claim liability.

Some of the hazards on a construction site may be labeled, but often with the changeable nature of construction, a new hazard can be created almost daily. Maybe the sidewalk is being torn up to be replaced and there are loose chunks of concrete near a doorway. An open pit may be dug so a new gas tank can be buried. Both of these scenarios have the potential for a trip and falls that can include broken bones and head injuries as well as spine damage. The injuries are just as likely to occur to the occupants of an apartment building under renovation as the contractor’s employees.

A common cause of a construction site slip and fall is the unstable scaffolding that workers must rely on to cover a broken walkway or gaping hole in the ground. Scaffolding that is inadequately secured can cause a worker to fall and sustain an injury. Remember, that workers on construction sites often are carrying a heavy load or have their eye on something ahead and may not see a hazard on the ground.

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