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Who is Responsible for Accidents Caused by Dangerous Roads?

There is one constant in Florida, roadways are always under construction and hazardous roads can be a problem for drivers. Hazards around highway work zones threaten driver safety in our state.

Florida is within the top five states with the highest cost from crashes that result from dangerous roadways under construction.

A landmark 2009 report “On a Crash Course: The Dangers and Health Costs of Deficient Roadways” finds 10 roadway-related crashes every minute result in 5.3 million crashes a year. The report also concludes that more than half of highway fatalities are related to a roadway hazard.

Roads under construction and bad highway design are factors in more than half of the fatal U.S. crashes according to the report and that is more than speeding, DUI, or seat belt deaths.

Nationwide, hazardous road conditions were found to be a factor in 22,000 fatalities at a cost of $217.5 billion each year exceeds the cost of alcohol-related crashes at $130 billion, of speeding at $97 billion, or the $60 billion cost of not wearing a seat belt.

There Are Different Kinds of Road Hazards in Florida

Accidents involving a dangerous drop-off of the roadway where the pavement is uneven; concrete barriers in the wrong position; lane markings that are confusing; and warning signs that never were erected present just a few hazards.

When construction companies do not follow protocol for rolling roadblocks, without proper signage approaching the construction zone, rear-end collisions can occur. Many deaths have resulted when a tractor-trailer rams into a passenger vehicle in front of them, being unable to stop in time.

Bad road design improvements would include widening shoulders and replacing aging and narrow bridges, realigning crooked roads and erecting light posts and signs that break away in case of a collision. Making markers earlier to read and pavement accurately marked all would be improvements on the 45,000 miles of the interstate system.

With a federal stimulus package encouraging more highway construction, motorists need to be mindful of the potential for hazardous roadways and construction companies need to take motorist safety seriously.

The other hazards on our roadways occur at intersections. Most accidents occur at intersections. Running a red light is often the cause. Other times, the at-fault party simply did not see a stop sign and ran through an intersection.

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At Farah & Farah when we see no sign of a brake being applied before a collision, generally it is because someone failed to see a stop sign. If you believe that the hazards of a roadway contributed to your accident, our accident investigators and Jacksonville car accident attorneys will take that into consideration when putting together the facts of your crash to determine the at-fault driver.