Gainesville Medical Malpractice Attorney

When you go to the doctor, you expect to be treated correctly and not experience any medical mishaps. However, when you are the victim of negligence or a complete disregard for your health by a medical professional, you feel belittled and violated. If you or a loved one has been harmed or injured due to the oversight, or ignorance of a medical expert, Farah & Farah wants to help you recover from your pain and suffering.

At Farah & Farah, we have been helping victims of medical malpractice for decades. Hence, we understand the physical and emotional implications that stem from such a devastating experience. We encourage you to call us at (877) 245-6707 for a free, private consultation.

Why Choose Our Gainesville Medical Malpractice Attorneys?

With your well-being in mind, Farah & Farah will work compassionately to develop a relationship with you. Once your trust and understanding have been established, we work arduously to reduce your frustrations by expertly guiding you through the legal process and helping you fight for the compensation you deserve. You can expect the following:

  • A dedicated team of attorneys working diligently on your case.
  • An assigned medical nurse on staff to evaluate medical records.
  • Enlistment of additional experts in the medical system who can attest to negligence.
  • A thorough investigation of your medical malpractice case.
  • Corroboration and analysis of all medical evidence and documentation.
  • A strong developed defense against insurance companies.

When Is Medical Malpractice Proven?

Medical malpractice is often challenging to prove. However, the injury law team at Farah & Farah can provide legal advocacy for any form of medical malpractice. Sub-standard care is evident when there is:

  • A disregard for laboratory results resulting in increased harm or death
  • A cancer misdiagnosis leading to unnecessary surgery
  • Dismissal of clear or distinctive visible symptoms
  • Improper administration or instruction of prescribed medication

In addition to this list, there are other medical malpractice concerns. However, one or more of the above factors must be proven for a case to be established. Overall, it must be clear that a doctor-patient relationship existed, there was a strong deviation from the general standard of care and that grave suffering resulted. Once this is apparent, sufficient information and evidence must be provided to support these claims.

How Much Does It Cost for a Gainesville Medical Malpractice Attorney?

With our legal representation, you can expect to be treated with respect and dignity. We listen to your concerns, adhere to your needs, and work devotedly to ensure that your voice is sound during the legal process. We do not ask for money upfront. Instead, we work on contingency focusing exclusively on bringing justice to your medical malpractice case. You only pay if we win your case.

We Can Help You to Fight Your Case

At the law office of Farah and Farah, we know the challenges that arise with medical malpractice cases. The suffering endured both physically and emotionally can be very exhausting, as well as the financial losses that result. We understand these unfortunate realities and wish to work unremittingly to ensure that you are compensated fairly. Contact our law office to receive a free consultation.