Fort Myers Swimming Pool & Drowning Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a swimming pool accident due to the negligence of someone else, you will most likely feel helpless and may have an uncertain future ahead of you. At Farah & Farah, we want to take some of the load off of your shoulders. We are here to fight to get you the compensation you deserve from the party or parties responsible.

We will navigate through the legal process so you can focus on your road to recovery. You can trust our compassionate drowning accident lawyers will take time to get to know you and the details of your case and help you every step of the way.

Call us today at (877) 245-6707 for a free and private consultation. You’ll never have to pay unless we win in your case.

Why Choose Farah & Farah?

Our team of Fort Myers personal injury lawyers has been representing victims of swimming pool & drowning accidents since 1979. We always have your best interests at heart and will make the process as easy as possible for you.

When you choose Farah & Farah you can trust that:

  • No matter the size of your case, our firm will treat you with dignity and respect.
  • We will help find a doctor to document your injuries and provide sound treatment.
  • Our team will investigate the accident, interview witnesses, secure video footage, and gather evidence for your case.
  • Navigate all of the paperwork associated with your case.

Common Injuries in Swimming Pool Accidents

The most common injuries seen in swimming pool accidents are drowning, traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s), and suction and draining injuries that can result in amputated fingers, toes, or even disembowelment.

Who is Liable in a Swimming Pool & Drowning Accident?

In general, property owners have a legal responsibility to keep their property reasonably safe for anticipated use. Florida law groups people into three main categories for the purposes of determining liability. Invitees, licensees, and trespassers.


Patrons at a public pool whether it is free or for a fee. Owners must keep their property in a reasonably safe condition and warn invitees of any known hazards on the property.


Invited guests to a pool on private property. Owners must keep their property in a reasonably safe condition and warn guests of any known hazards on the property.


Anybody without permission to be on the property. Owners have no obligations to trespassers unless they are children.

Children Trespassing

The law has special provisions that stipulate owners must take extra safety precautions to protect trespassing children from accidental drowning. Under The Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, all new swimming pools and hot tubs should be equipped with at least one of the following security features:

  • Approved pool cover
  • An enclosure around the pool
  • Secure gate to keep a child from gaining access, or
  • Exit alarms on doors and windows opening onto the pool 

The Lawyers at Farah & Farah Can Help

If a fun day at the pool suddenly turned deadly, or you were hurt due to negligent actions that led to unsafe conditions, we want to fight to get you the settlement you deserve. Our lawyers will be here every step of the way to support you through this difficult process. Contact us today at (877) 245-6707 so we can help you start the healing process.

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