Daytona Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The workers’ compensation system provides financial relief after a workplace injury, but Florida has complicated workers’ compensation laws that may be frustrating to navigate. If you or a loved one is seeking workers’ comp for a serious injury suffered on the job, the resultant proceedings may be frustrating, complicated and overwhelming. We understand how difficult these situations can be and want to help you or your loved one recover after an injury on the job. If you or a relative recently suffered a workplace injury in Daytona Beach, contact Farah & Farah to discuss your needs and see how we can support you.

How Can Farah & Farah Help With a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Having an attorney assist with your workers’ compensation claim can help the whole process move along more smoothly. Farah & Farah has assisted clients throughout Georgia and Florida since 1979 and we have the experience to handle the most complicated workers’ compensation claims and related legal issues.

  • Our legal team will gather medical records, incident reports, security camera footage, and all other necessary evidence to strengthen your claim.
  • We will arrange for a team of attorneys to handle all aspects of your case, including related insurance claims and benefits negotiations to ensure you receive the most compensation possible for your injury.
  • Farah & Farah can also help you explore alternatives to workers’ compensation if your employer does not require coverage or if workers’ compensation benefits are not enough to cover the full scope of your damages.

We understand that hiring an attorney is a major decision, but it is crucial in the face of complex legal issues following a workplace injury.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Many people manage to file for workers’ compensation and collect benefits with minimal assistance, but not every workplace injury claim is simple enough to allow this. You may have trouble completing your paperwork accurately or securing required records and documentation to accompany your claim. Hiring an attorney not only offers peace of mind knowing your claim is in capable hands but may also help you secure more compensation for your injuries than you may have initially expected.

Let Farah & Farah Handle Your Workers’ Compensation Difficulties

The injury lawyers at Farah & Farah realize that a workplace injury can lead to financial difficulties from expensive medical treatment, lost income from missed time at work, and even lost future earning capacity when a workplace injury results in a permanent disability. The workers’ compensation system also constrains your options when you need medical treatment. While you can see any available doctor for emergency treatment, you must choose a physician from the workers’ compensation insurance carrier’s approved list for your area.

Your workers’ compensation physician will conduct a physical exam and assessment of your injuries before assigning you a disability rating. This rating is crucial and informs the amount of benefits you can receive and for how long those benefits will last. You may need a second opinion or specialist treatment and Farah & Farah can help you address these issues as they arise.

We Guarantee Zero Financial Risks to Our Clients

Farah & Farah believes in making legal representation accessible and affordable to those who need it most. We take every case on a contingency fee agreement to ensure you only pay legal fees once we win your case. There are absolutely no up-front costs for any of the legal services we offer, so can have peace of mind knowing there is no financial risk of losing your case when you hire our firm.

Start Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Now

It is very important to act quickly to obtain a positive result from your workers’ compensation claim. Any delays can jeopardize your application and hiring an attorney can streamline the process for you. If you or a loved one suffered a workplace injury in Daytona Beach and do not know how to approach the workers’ compensation claims process, contact Farah & Farah and schedule a free case review with our attorneys. We can assess your situation and then help you file your claim and explore other potential avenues of recovery.