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Vocational Rehabilitation After an On the Job Injury

After you have been injured on-the-job and are on the mend, you generally want to get back to gainful employment. But some injuries are serious enough to leave you with permanent disabilities and unable to return to the same job you held pre-injury.

Vocational rehabilitation services allow you to return to the job with either the same or a new job within the same company, or with a new employer and a different type of work. Vocational rehabilitation determines your skill set and the job duties that best suit you now.

Determining whether you need vocational rehabilitation should be part of the evaluation following an application for Florida workers’ compensation benefits. Your mental state as well as personality and physical skills should all be evaluated in determining your future employment. After an assessment, a program that is tailored to your physical and mental needs along with your ability to work should be planned.

Vocational Rehabilitation Should Include:

  • Job Matching and Placement – to help you find the appropriate employment
  • Vocational Counseling – to create an overall plan for employment
  • Independent Living – identifying the resources you may need after your workplace injury
  • New Technology – may help replace the skills you’ve lost
  • Specialized Training – identifying your chosen field and preparing you for it

Correct training and placement can mean the difference between being gainfully employed and a productive member of society or losing your ability to pay your own bills. Retraining through vocational rehabilitation can also result in advancement in your field or in a related field.

This is where workers’ compensation can become complicated. Vocational rehabilitation is not included in all workers’ compensation settlements and an experienced Jacksonville workers’ compensation attorney may have to help fight for your right to be fully compensated.

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