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The dangers of construction and manufacturing professions are well-documented in this country. Unfortunately, welders are also at risk. Read on for more information on the dangers of welding rods and manganism, an associated condition that can lead to Parkinson’s disease and other serious health conditions.

Workers in welding capacities, railroads, steel mills, glass and metal plants, and pipe fitting occupations are at significant risk for welding rod injuries.

What Are the Dangers of Welding Rod Fumes?

When two pieces of metal are fused together during the process of welding, certain fumes and byproducts are produced, including manganese. Manganese fumes are toxic and dangerous and have been linked to Parkinson’s disease, brain damage, and a combination of medical symptoms known to doctors as manganism or & welders syndrome.& Welding rods’ fumes can endanger a patient’s life, causing difficulty walking, slurred speech, poor balance, personality changes and depression, tremors or very slow movements, mood swings, and short-term memory loss. In addition, Parkinson’s disease can follow.

The FDA and OSHA regulate the use of welding rods and other manganese products, and OSHA requires that warnings be placed on product labels and MSDS (material safety data sheets) be available to anyone who asks for them on a job site. However, this does not necessarily absolve manufacturers of these dangerous rods from their responsibility to victims, whose lives can be disrupted or even ended by manganism and Parkinson’s. Luckily, victims have legal recourse and can seek justice in the courts.

Get Compensation for Your Welding Rod Injuries

What can you do if you have been injured by welding rods? The best solution is to seek out competent, experienced, reputable, and resourceful legal representation to help you bring a welding rod lawsuit to court and take your employer and/or the manufacturer of dangerous welding rods to task. You can use the civil system to seek out financial compensation for the time you missed from work, the costs of medical treatment and applicable rehabilitation, even the pain and suffering you have endured from your injuries. But you can’t do so without the right Jacksonville injury attorney.

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