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Recalled and Defective Children’s Products

Over 3 billion children’s toys and games are sold in this country every year. Unfortunately, not every one of these toys is made to the standard we would expect for the children we love. Most toys are safe for kids to use, but a few pose real dangers for children – dangers that range from choking to poisoning to other severe injuries. Toy recalls are designed to protect families from dangerous products, but even they can’t protect children who play with the wrong toy. If your child has been seriously injured by a recalled toy, please contact the Jacksonville toy recall attorneys at Farah & Farah immediately.

Every year, there are thousands of voluntary and involuntary toy recalls. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issues these recall notices and disseminates information designed to protect consumers. Unfortunately, not all dangerous or defective children’s products are subject to recall. Risks that might lead to recall include high lead content, the hazard of cutting or choking strangulation danger, and even fire hazards. Unfortunately, most toy recalls come after a child has been injured by a toy – not before.

The consequences of defective children’s product injuries can be extremely severe. Choking, strangulation, burns, and lacerations can all lead to death or lifelong disability. And the costs of treatment for even a minor injury are growing every year. Unfortunately, too many parents fail to take toy manufacturers to task for putting dangerous toys on the market. They accept the recall, ask for their money back or accept a paltry insurance settlement, and move on. However, the law provides for victims to sue for negligence, bringing the responsible parties to justice and collecting monetary compensation for their children’s injuries.

Jacksonville Toy Recall Attorneys Providing Free Consultations

At Farah & Farah, we value your child’s life and safety. We think that the manufacturers of defective children’s products should be punished for their negligence – and that you should be compensated for the physical, psychological, and financial costs of your child’s injury. You could be eligible for compensation even if the toy in question has not been recalled. Call one of our Jacksonville product recall lawyers at 877-245-6707 for a free case consultation and more information on how our legal experience could help you and your child.

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