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Compensation for Stairway Collapse Injuries

Injuries in the workplace can occur when you least expect it and under the most unassuming conditions. One such unassuming condition deals with a Florida stairway collapse. Most of us take the structural integrity of a stairway for granted. However, there are numerous buildings in which the stairway is on the verge of collapsing and when a construction worker falls, he or she may experience catastrophic injuries, including brain injury, spinal cord damage, and wrongful death. It may surprise you that such a basic structure could be the source of such catastrophic accidents, but if stairways are poorly constructed or improperly maintained, they can cause serious injury.

What Causes a Stairway to Collapse?

There are a number of conditions that can cause a stairway to collapse. The greatest common risk is wooden stairways due to the susceptibility of wood to rot and decompose, from termite and water damage. Usually, these defects or potential hazards are easily visible and should be repaired immediately.

Stairways made from other materials do tend to last longer, but the dangers can be hidden or concealed and not readily apparent to the naked eye. For example, stairways made from steel may not reveal the defective integrity or faulty installation or defective bolts that were used when it was originally installed. Poor maintenance and lack of routine checks may contribute the danger of steel stairways collapsing. Defective or faulty staircase railings are another potential area where employees and visitors can sustain serious injuries.

Importance of Stairway Safety

Many employers do not even think about stairways until they are needed in an emergency, such as a fire. But by not thinking about stairway safety, an employer may open himself up to liability. The workplace management could be deemed negligent and a worker may be able to file a civil lawsuit in a Florida construction fall accident to recover the costs associated with their injury. This may include, but not be limited to, medical and rehabilitative costs, lost present and future wages, and pain and suffering.

While it is the responsibility of building managers to maintain the security and soundness of their staircases, if you were injured on the job because of a stairway accident, you should be covered by worker’s compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation benefits are in place to protect you if you were injured on the job by paying your medical expenses and providing your income while you are unable to work.

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