Jacksonville Premises Liability Wrongful Death Attorneys

Every year visitors to a store, a place of business or public area are injured in what is called “slip and fall” accidents, but premises liability can involve more than a fall. When dangerous conditions present a hazard to anyone on the site, invited or not, or a place is operated in an unsafe manner, or fails to warn visitors of the liability, Florida premises liability law allows the injured or his survivors to hold the property owner or operator to be held liable for the injuries or wrongful death.

A premises liability case can occur in a single-family residence, or anywhere public such as in a condominium, a parking lot, a rental building, a store, hotel, amusement park, commercial building, restaurant, school or business, among other sites.

A wrongful death is one that is entirely preventable.

When a premises owner is reckless or negligent and death occurs, the estate of the decedent can file a premises liability wrongful death action.

Consider what can happen that contributes to wrongful death:

  • A carnival has spilled food that causes someone to fall and hit their head.
  • A store has uneven carpeting that causes a visitor to plunge down a stairwell.
  • A chandelier is not mounted correctly to the ceiling and falls and kills someone in a restaurant.
  • An open hole in the floor causes death to a visitor.
  • An elevator mishap causes someone to fall down the shaft.
  • A product falls from a high shelf in a big box store.
  • Dangerous chemicals leak and a visitor breathes in the toxins.
  • Unsafe equipment falls apart with a visitor nearby causing traumatic injuries.

These are just some of the things that can contribute to a wrongful death in a place of business or a public or private place.

Farah & Farah’s experienced Jacksonville wrongful death attorneys understand how to analyze the situation whether a trip and fall or something more serious to determine whether or not you have a claim. Our law firm investigators understand how to uncover all of the parties that have some liability and connection to the dangerous property.

A Jacksonville wrongful death claim will never bring back your loved one but it can replace at least the financial losses the wrongful death represents to your family. Farah & Farah will charge no fee unless we make a recovery in your case, so you can proceed without any additional burden to what you have already suffered and lost.

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