Florida Slip and Fall Bone Fracture Attorneys

Slip and Fall Bone Fracture

When a person falls and fractures a bone, the owner of the property or premises (land and building) can be held liable. Premises liability is an area of personal injury law that holds the property owner or manager responsible if injuries occur on the premises when the property owner knew or should have known a dangerous situation existed that had the potential to injure a visitor.

The premises can be public and include a store, a private home, a public building, a restaurant, theater, or a grocery store, among other places.

Dangerous premises could include a slippery floor or a broken step that causes someone to slip and fall. A visitor falling into an open hole can suffer major head and spinal cord injury or a broken and fractured bone. Poolside, someone could have spilled oily sun lotion which causes a visitor to slip and fall. A dimly lit stairwell can cause a bad fall as can objects left somewhere they should not have been.

A fall can lead to broken and fractured bones, including a hip break which is very difficult to fully recover from. The Florida Department of Health finds only half of elderly will ever live independently again after breaking a hip.

Farah & Farah encourages a victim to contact an experienced Florida premises liability attorney as soon as the accident happens so we can arrive on the scene and collect the necessary evidence to determine what contributed to your broken or fractured bone. Not surprisingly, the mess will be cleaned up immediately after a slip and fall, erasing the evidence. You must take charge.

After your slip and fall document the conditions that led to your fractured bone. Take cell phone pictures or borrow someone’s camera. The more documentation you have, the more likely your premises liability case will be successful. And if your personal injury attorney or investigator has not yet arrived, be sure to get the names of everyone who witnessed what happened.

Maybe a worker uttered “I should have cleaned that up,” or something that makes it very clear that negligence has taken place. Be sure to include that person’s name and what they said.

Premises liability cases are evaluated on a case by case basis but one question that is asked in every case is whether or not the property owner took the necessary precautions to make the place as safe as possible. Did the property owner cause the unsafe condition and did he or she know or should they have known the condition existed? How long was the unsafe condition allowed to go unattended? To what extent did the visitor contribute to the slip and fall injury?

A slip and fall bone fracture can not only cause severe pain and a disability but may require surgery, time out of work and rehabilitation. Farah & Farah’s slip and fall accident attorneys in Jacksonville will always offer you a free consultation to determine how we can help you seek an adequate and just compensation for your premises liability injury.

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