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Manufacturers of Transvaginal Mesh

The transvaginal mesh used in a surgery to treat pelvic organ prolapsed (POP) or stress urinary incontinence (SUI) may have been made by any one of several different manufacturers. The manufacturers responsible for most of the transvaginal mesh implants on the market in recent years include the following companies.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Women’s Health & Urology Division produces many medical devices used in surgeries to treat a wide range of urological conditions and women’s reproductive health problems, including pelvic organ prolapse and urinary stress incontinence. The company’s transvaginal mesh implants have been sold under several different brand names. These include Ethicon TVT, Gynecare TVT, Gynemesh PS, Prolene Polypropylene Mesh Patch, and Secur.

Bard Medical

Bard Medical, headquartered in Georgia, manufactures transvaginal mesh implants as well as other types of medical devices to treat pelvic organ prolapse and other conditions. Bard designs, manufactures, and sells both transvaginal mesh implants made of sterile inorganic materials and implants that include biologics. The brand names of Bard’s various transvaginal mesh products include:

  • Avaulta Plus™ BioSynthetic Support System
  • Avaulta Solo™ Synthetic Support System
  • Faslata® Allograft
  • Pelvicol® Tissue
  • PelviSoft® Biomesh
  • Pelvitex™ Polypropylene Mesh

Bard Medical is affiliated with C.R. Bard, Inc., which is headquartered in New Jersey. C.R. Bard, Inc. is also engaged in the business of designing, marketing, and selling medical devices, including transvaginal mesh devices.

American Medical Systems (AMS)

American Medical Systems (AMS) designs, manufactures, and sells products to treat urinary stress incontinence and other abdominal organ-related conditions in both women and men. The company partners with Endo Pharmaceuticals on some projects. AMS’s transvaginal mesh device is sold under the brand name SPARC®, and it is intended to treat stress urinary incontinence.

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific, headquartered in Massachusetts, is responsible for making many of the transvaginal mesh devices associated with the highest risks of transvaginal mesh failure and the serious medical complications that result from transvaginal mesh failure. In some cases, patients with transvaginal mesh implants from Boston Scientific have suffered death from the complications associated with the devices. Others have suffered permanent disability. Boston Scientific’s transvaginal mesh implants are sold under a variety of brand names, including:

  • Advantage™ Sling System,
  • Obtryx® Curved Single,
  • Obtryx® Mesh Sling,
  • Prefyx Mid U™ Mesh Sling System,
  • Prefyx PPS™ System

Each of these manufacturers has faced legal action for the harm their transvaginal mesh products have caused. Many are facing lawsuits in multiple states.

Liability for Transvaginal Mesh Failure in Florida

Determining who made the transvaginal mesh implant that is causing your symptoms can be difficult. When you’re already struggling to live from day to day with the pain, infections, and other medical problems a transvaginal mesh failure can cause, gathering the information you need to hold any negligent parties accountable for their actions can seem like an overwhelming task.

That’s why the Jacksonville transvaginal mesh injury attorneys at Farah & Farah are dedicated to helping those injured by transvaginal mesh failures. We strive to investigate each client’s case thoroughly and provide effective representation, so that you can focus on healing. Contact our injury lawyers today at 877-245-6707 for a free, confidential consultation.

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