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Patients choose to get a Mirena IUD for many reasons. Some know that the time isn’t right to start a family, while others already have one or more children. Some choose the Mirena IUD because it is designed to be easy to use; some choose it because friends and family report good experiences with it or similar devices; and some choose it because its time-release hormones bring relief from painful, irregular, or heavy periods. And many people who pick the Mirena IUD from among their many contraception or hormone-treatment options do so for some combination of these reasons.

No patient chooses a Mirena IUD knowing that its use has been linked to serious medical complications, like uterine wall perforation, pelvic inflammatory disease, sepsis, or reproductive cancers. Unfortunately, many Mirena users have faced these consequences. If you’re one of them, you may wish to seek compensation for your injuries and to hold any negligent parties accountable for the harm you’ve suffered. The Mirena IUD attorneys at Farah & Farah can advocate for your rights.

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Mirena IUD Complications

The Mirena IUD, manufactured by Bayer AG, is a small “T”-shaped device inserted into the uterus. It releases low levels of hormones to regulate the menstrual cycle, and it has also been used to treat heavy or painful periods in some patients.

Under ideal circumstances, the IUD may remain in place for up to five years, but complications can require the device to be removed sooner – as well as causing serious medical problems, including:

For some Mirena IUD users, symptoms like severe pain or irregular periods are the first sign that something is wrong. For others, no signs of a problem may appear until a catastrophic event leads to life-threatening complications. No matter which path your Mirena IUD complications followed, you have the right to seek compensation.

What Compensation May Be Available?

When a Mirena IUD has caused serious harm, compensation may cover a wide range of financial and other losses related to the injuries or illness. Damages that are frequently covered by compensation include losses for:

Timely notification requirements assert that if a victim doesn’t file their claim on time — or with appropriate, often hard-to-understand legalese — then the victim automatically loses their ability to make a claim. Regardless of who was at fault or extent of the victim’s injury, your case can be forfeited. Failure to handle these deadline requirements appropriately can compromise your case. 

Our Mirena IUD Complication Attorneys Put Your Best Interests First

At Farah & Farah, our personal injury attorneys understand that nothing is more important than your health. That’s why we’re dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. For a free and confidential consultation, contact us today at 877-245-6707.

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