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With the new year come many resolutions to stop smoking. In fact, thousands of Americans quit smoking each year, often assisted by drugs designed to make the process easier and less painful. Chantix was designed and manufactured by Pfizer to help patients quit smoking. Unfortunately, severe Chantix behavioral side effects have been known to occur. Here’s what you need to know about Chantix and your rights:

Chantix (varenicline) is a smoking cessation drug approved for use by the FDA in 2006. Though the drug has been proven to be effective, it can come with devastating psychiatric and neurological symptoms ranging from suicidal tendencies and behavior to depression, agitation, and other behavioral changes. The side effects are so severe that the FDA issued a public health advisory on the drug alerting health providers not to prescribe Chantix to anyone with preexisting psychiatric illness or a history of such illness. The FDA notes that caregivers, families, friends, and patients themselves should be on the watch for changes in behavior and mood.

Though the FDA has released additional information about Chantix’s efficacy and requested that Pfizer revise its safety warnings and other information distributed with the drug, thousands of patients have already been affected. For these patients and the others who will surely be harmed by this dangerous and unsafe drug, there is a solution: a lawsuit filed in civil court seeking damages from Pfizer. By forcing Pfizer to pay for associated costs such as ongoing medical and psychiatric care, hospitalization, time missed from work, and the pain and suffering caused by Chantix, patients can send a message that unsafe drugs are unacceptable in today’s marketplace.

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