Defective Car Door Latch Attorneys in Jacksonville

Legal Representation After Injuries from a Defective Car Door Latch

Recovering from a serious injury often puts a person’s life on hold. Overcoming a wide range of physical, emotional, and financial challenges caused by an auto accident can be overwhelming. However, these obstacles can become all the more difficult when the injuries are the result of a defective door latch. At Farah & Farah, our Jacksonville personal injury lawyers are proud to protect the rights of accident survivors and family members of wrongful death victims. Consumers injured by negligent auto manufacturers deserve justice. To learn more about your legal rights and options, we welcome you to call our office today at 877-245-6707 for a free consultation.

Reliable Guidance in Florida

Personal injury and wrongful death cases involving car part defects are frequently some of the most complex. While preserving evidence and accident reconstruction are a few main components, several other aspects are required to build an effective case. For example, an investigation would been to be conducted to determine why the door latch failed or malfunctioned. It may have been substandard construction materials, faulty wiring or other circumstances, but whatever the situation, it must be identified in order to hold all at-fault parties responsible.

The Farah & Farah legal team may work with medical experts to help a client fully grasp the extent of his or her injuries and how his or her life will be affected in the years to come. In doing so, our lawyers are committed to getting to know our clients so that we can most efficiently convey their story, present the evidence, and represent them.

Weigh Your Options

Deciding to take legal action after already dealing with tremendous burdens is not an easy thing to do. The product liability attorneys at Farah & Farah are most concerned with upholding justice so that an individual can obtain the money that he or she deserves from the negligent party or parties. The choice to file a claim or pursue a lawsuit is often based on a person making an informed decision after finding out as much as possible about his or her legal rights and options. It is common to be hesitant to take legal action, but you deserve to know whether you have a case and how reckless parties can be brought to justice.

How Can Legal Action Benefit You in Florida?

In a successful defective door latch case, or any auto product liability case, numerous lives may be potentially saved once awareness spreads about the possible risks of a certain car or car part. Depending on the specifics of your case, a class-action lawsuit in which there are multiple claimants may be to your benefit. A case may result in compensation for pain and suffering; lost wages and benefits; loss of consortium; medical expenses; and other damages.

Protecting Your Rights

Auto manufacturers putting profits ahead of consumer safety is simply unacceptable. The significant risk of injury and death from a vehicle door latch flaw should never exist in the first place. Whether such a defect causes a car door to open during a collision or while the vehicle is in motion, if a manufacturing or design flaw is to blame, you may have a valid case. To find out more about how the auto product liability lawyers at the Florida law firm of Farah & Farah may be able to assist you, please contact us at 877-245-6707.

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