Wrongful Death Child Victim Attorneys in Jacksonville

A wrongful death is defined as any death that was caused by another person who was negligent or acted recklessly in a way that forseeably could have resulted in a death.

When the victim is a child the death is so much more tragic because children are vulnerable. Whether the child died as the result of a moving vehicle or a hazard at a public place, children are sometimes naïve to the dangers that surround us and in some cases even a watchful parent cannot protect a child if there were no safety precautions or warnings.

Following the tragic loss of a child it may seem impossible to hold the liable party accountable. There are documents that must be filed, an investigation that must be conducted and every stone unturned, all at a time when grief and loss is insurmountable.

Ever since the Farah & Farah Jacksonville personal injury law firm opened its doors in 1979 we have understood what it takes to file a successful wrongful death claim.

In a normal wrongful death claim the family members make up the estate. If the decedent was an adult and not employed but contributed to a half dozen jobs- driver, cook, housekeeper, childcare, nurturer and guidance, among others, these contributions can be quantified in a wrongful death claim.

Unfortunately, while the family is suffering from the loss of the child, it is particularly hurtful to learn there is usually a fairly modest damage award available for the death of a child because they were not contributing to the income of the household, despite their potential to do so and the love they brought into the home. There will be even less value to a Florida wrongful death case of a child if the divorced parent who brings the action has not provided support to the custodial parent.

Farah & Farah realizes that a wrongful death with a child victim is one of the most difficult cases to file but there may be a statute of limitations to consider as well as a thorough investigation that our Jacksonville wrongful death attorneys must undertake to be able to name the liable parties. The Farah & Farah law firm understands the challenges and will represent your family during this difficult time. Call us at 877-245-6707 so we can offer you a complimentary consultation.

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