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March 13, 2016

Xarelto and Liver Damage

Xarelto, the brand name for rivaroxaban, is one of the newer anticoagulant medications, or blood thinners, on the market. It is commonly prescribed to prevent blood clots and protect people from strokes. Xarelto was developed by the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG, the company that once marketed heroin as a cough suppressant and non-addictive substitute for morphine.

But, Xarelto has now been linked to several potentially fatal side effects, including internal bleeding, abdominal bleeding, brain hemorrhage, reduced platelet levels, and abnormal liver function. The liver is a very vital organ in the body. It cleans your blood of toxins, metabolizes nutrients, produces the important digestive liquid, bile, and stores energy in the form of glycogen. Xarelto has been shown to cause liver damage, particularly in men over 60 who have been on the medication for six months or more. Anyone who has taken Xarelto for any period of time is urged to get their liver function tested.

Internal bleeding and excessive bleeding is possible when taking any blood thinner, even popular medications like warfarin. The difference is that with warfarin excessive bleeding can be reversed with doses of vitamin K, which produces blood clotting proteins. Vitamin K, however, has no effect on Xarelto. In fact, there is no known antidote to internal bleeding caused by Xarelto.

If you’ve suffered through the side effects of taking Xarelto, you may be able to pursue compensation for damages through a pharmaceutical litigation claim. To file a successful claim, you need to consult a strong pharmaceutical litigation attorney. Farah & Farah is currently investigating Xarelto-related claims nationwide. To pursue the compensation you need, call Farah & Farah today at (833) 976-4792 to schedule a free consultation.

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