Woman Injured in Jacksonville Elevator Mishap Awarded $13 Million

Posted on September 25, 2012

A 54-year-old woman, who was left shaken and injured after an elevator malfunctioned at a Jacksonville high-rise, has won a $13 million jury award.

According to testimony, the incident occurred in May 1999 when the woman was in the elevator on the 23rd floor of the Jacksonville building. That’s when the malfunctioning elevator started plummeting in fits and starts — all the way down to the basement.

The building did have an on-site elevator mechanic on call that day, but rather than taking the woman off of the elevator when it began malfunctioning, he sent her all the way down to the basement of the building. She experienced several more frightening plunges on the way down before reaching her destination.

In 2002, the woman sued the owner of the building, Highwood Properties, and the elevator maintenance company, Schindler Elevator Corp., for her injuries.

The plaintiff’s Fort Lauderdale-based attorney said that there wasn’t any doubt that the mechanic mishandled the response to the malfunction and did not make his client’s safety a top priority. During the trial, he claimed his client suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, partial paralysis of her left leg, chronic depression, pseudo seizures, and was wheelchair bound for years.

According to experts, deadly elevator falls are rare, with many more injuries resulting from elevator doors.

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