What to Do After a Car Accident in Savannah 

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Posted on October 29, 2020

Advice from Savannah’s Leading Car Accident Attorneys

Savannah is an icon for its rich history, gorgeous parks, cobblestone streets, and sweeping oaks festooned with hanging moss. Tourists flock to Savannah throughout the year and the city seems to always be building or repairing to keep up with the influx. With so much hustle and bustle, even this charming southern town can be dangerous for the many cars, cyclists, pedestrians, and even horse-drawn carriages sharing the roads.

Areas of Town with the Most Car Accidents

Highway 516 and I-16 in Savannah unfortunately have long histories of traffic incidents, with a great number containing fatalities. As well, the intersection of I-16 and I-95 occurs right at Savannah, making it a huge corridor for both north and southbound travelers, as well as east and westbound. For vehicles traveling at highway speeds, the forces inflicted during a crash are far greater than those experienced in a low-speed collision. While all collisions are serious and can even be life-threatening, high-speed collisions cause the greatest likelihood of damages, injuries, and fatalities. 


Another factor affecting safe driving in Savannah is the many active construction zones around the city. As an example, construction along Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. seems to be ever-present, making for many different ways that make driving conditions more difficult. Changing traffic patterns, the presence of work crews, and other obstacles and impediments can all disrupt traffic and wind up being the catalyst that causes an accident.

High-Traffic Areas in Savannah Without Key Safety Features

River Street, Broughton, the Fountain at Forsyth, and a host of other local attractions are popular locations for tourists and locals alike. Throw in a lively nightlife and an untold number of world-class eateries like Mrs. Wilkes, and it’s easy to see why so many fall in love with the magic of Savannah. As well, the many different historic destinations like Oglethorpe Square that dot Savannah offer beautiful photo spots but you may have noticed that many don’t have any form of protected pedestrian crosswalks. 


Many cities have started using rapid rectangular flashing beacons (RRFBs) at unsignalized intersections and mid-block pedestrian crossings to provide safer conditions. Despite the Federal Highway Safety Administration endorsing the RRFB’s ability to enhance safety by reducing crashes, not every municipality has been quick to adopt protective measures like these. When there’s not a lot to mark a crosswalk, it leaves it up to everyone sharing the roads to be extra vigilant. But unfortunately, all it takes is one momentary lapse in concentration for a car accident to occur. 

How to file a Car Accident Claim with the Help of Our Attorneys

Even in a place as picturesque as Savannah, accidents can and do happen everyday. After a car accident can be a really confusing time. Not only do physical needs need to be met, but emotional scars can remain long after the dust settles. 


When you’ve been in a car accident in Savannah, it can be a chaotic time but the more information you’re able to gather while at the scene, the stronger your case will be. Our experienced auto collision lawyers and investigators put this information together to help you seek the maximum compensation available under the Official Code of Georgia (OCGA).


Steps you should try to take after a car accident in Savannah include:


1. You need to seek medical attention.
Right after an accident, priority number one is to seek medical attention. If injuries are serious, call 9-1-1. Even if you don’t feel that bad, at least see a physician to get checked out. Keep these records and any other receipts or information given to you by the medical team.


2.  Call emergency personnel to report the accident.

File an accident report with the Savannah Police Department (SPD) for car accidents on Savannah streets and roadways. Make sure to request a copy of the report and keep this for your records.


3. Take pictures and videos at the scene.

If you’re able, snap as many photos and videos as you possibly can. Capture the conditions (wet roads, cloudy, time of day, etc.), the vehicles involved, and even survey your personal property in the car. The more evidence you gather to support your case, the better.


4. Talk to any witnesses who saw what happened. Get names and contact information.

Ask those around the scene if they saw the accident. If so, get names, notes on what they saw, and a way to get in contact should their account of the accident be necessary as your case progresses.


5. Call Farah and Farah’s Savannah accident attorneys.

We deal with insurance companies everyday that try to drag out, underpay, or flat out deny a rightful claim. But our auto accident attorneys know the law is on our side and will take on the burden of dealing with whoever the responsible parties are to fight for the maximum compensation available.


Our Savannah car wreck attorney team is composed of some of the very best legal professionals in the industry. Each one will be your dedicated advocate during your time of need. We take on the burden of handling your claim so you can keep up with getting back on your feet.  

Gaining an Advocate for Your Auto Accident Case 

Searching “attorney for car accident” in Savannah will give you page after page of results but it won’t tell you if the auto collision lawyers have the experience and financial capability to take on the insurance giants, while still providing the one-on-one attention expected at a small firm. 


Farah and Farah accident attorneys in Savannah, GA are dedicated and experienced experts, bringing years of experience to bear with an incredible track record in winning car accident injury cases for Georgia drivers. We’ll stick with you and by you throughout the ordeal so you never feel alone in your fight for justice.

Schedule a Consultation However You’re Comfortable – Via Chat, Video, or In-Person

If you or a loved one has felt what it’s like to lose someone or something that you love in a car accident, it’s time to let a trusted Savannah car wreck attorney take over your case. We’ll fight for every penny the law allows – lost wages, medical bills, your vehicle’s lost value, and a thousand and one other things that will never be the same. 


Contact our team now to start putting your Savannah car accident claim together. We’re available at any hour of the day or night via telephone at 912-452-8110 or through an online chat session. You can also schedule an appointment to meet in person at our offices off Abercorn Street in Savannah. 

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