We Believed in Our Client When Others Didn’t

Posted on July 31, 2017

Sometimes you have to believe in your client even when no one else does.

That happened recently in the case of Farah and Farah client, Robert Jackson, 56.

Jackson was turning left at the St. John’s Town Center just before Seasons 52 to pick up a present for his wife. About 200 yards away, an approaching Mazda caught the rear six inches of Jackson’s vehicle.

The collision hit hard, at about 35 mph, impacting the bumper of Mr. Jackson’s sedan with enough force to cause injury to his back and neck, which required surgery.

Two law firms had declined to take his case after police found him at fault for the Black Friday, 2014 collision.

Farah & Farah’s Joseph Presutti listened to the facts and believed Mr. Jackson was in the right. He filed a lawsuit believing in his client’s sound judgment.

Mr. Jackson had worked as a combat medic and a radiology tech at Mayo Clinic. He had exhibited good judgment all of his life and Mr. Presutti figured Jackson had accurately calculated he had enough time to clear the vehicle.

“Mr. Jackson is the kind of client that every attorney dreams of having – he is very humble and respectful, while also being passionate in his convictions,” says Mr. Presutti.

The facts that emerged backed his version of events. We went into her deposition confident in our client.

The young Mazda driver admitted she was going five miles over the speed limit. She had done nothing to avoid Jackson’s sedan, no braking or swerving, before colliding with the vehicle.

Clearly, this was an avoidable accident. Before the deposition, there was no offer to settle. After the deposition, Mr. Jackson ultimately settled for $290,000.

Farah & Farah is proud to have helped Mr. Jackson right a wrong.

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