Two Women Killed At Orlando Bus Stop: Questions Remain

Posted on June 14, 2013

Controversy has erupted in connection with a tragic accident that took the lives of two women as they waited for a bus at a Lynx bus stop in Orlando.

The driver of a Hyundai SUV allegedly lost control of her vehicle on Silver Star Road and veered onto the sidewalk. The vehicle struck a bus stop, partially destroyed the bus shelter and took out the bench where the women were sitting. One of the victims died at the scene. The other later died from her injuries at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Now, the wrongful death attorneys at Farah & Farah in Lakeland have learned that the city of Orlando is claiming that the bus stop was built too close to the curb, which violates both state and local codes. To make matters worse, a spokesman for the city of Orlando claims that bus stop may have been built without a permit and without the city’s permission.

Lynx, which is operated by the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority, said that the bus was legally allowed to stop at that location, although it did admit that the bus bench was illegally placed. Code requires that bus benches be placed at least eight feet from the curb.

The company that placed the bench said that it had fully complied with all state and county standards

Orlando Police are still investigating the fatal accident. They would not speculate if charges would be filed in the incident.

The law firm of Farah & Farah offers our condolences to the families of the women killed in this tragic accident. As with many wrongful death cases, many questions need to be answered. Was the bus stop legal? Was there even a permit to install it? In these sometimes confusing and complex cases, it is good to have an experienced and established Orlando personal injury law firm on your side that can conduct an independent investigation and determine who might be liable in a wrongful death.

If you believe you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of an individual or institution, contact us to see if you have a case. We want to help take care of your family.

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