Two Auto Accidents on I-10 Involve Fire Rescue Personnel

Posted on August 8, 2008

Two accidents sent motorists to the hospital on I-10 this afternoon.

The first one involved two Jacksonville Fire and Rescue emergency medical personnel and one passenger.

Three firemen were onboard an ambulance that was transporting a patient eastbound on Interstate 10 near the Cassat Avenue exit, when the vehicle hit a concrete divider and lost control.  The rescue personnel onboard were all taken to Shands Hospital Jacksonville with minor injuries. The passenger onboard was being transported in critical condition, was also taken to Shands. Heavy rains were reported in the area at the time of the accident.

A witness to the scene, Sharon Coley, says on that she saw the whole wreck in her rear view mirror. She says she saw the ambulance hydroplane, skid and slide across the freeway.

Another person writing into said she knew the men involved, and warns all drivers that they need to get out of the way when they hear emergency vehicles on a call.  Too often people are distracted, have the music on too loud or are on the phone and hinder an emergency vehicle.

According to Channel 4, the driver of the ambulance will be charged with reckless driving.

Then later Friday afternoon, another accident on I-10, this one just a few miles east of the ambulance accident. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue returned to I-10, this time to come to the rescue of a woman who was in a vehicle that was involved in an auto accident. She was retrieved from the vehicle and taken to the hospital. A small child was also removed from the Isuzu Trooper. 

Heavy rains in the area surely took their toll on Interstate-10 today and provided a reminder that drivers need to slow down in hazardous conditions.

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