Top 3 Most Dangerous Animals in Florida

Posted on May 29, 2014

First, it must be expressed that human beings are probably the most dangerous animals walking this planet. With the power of invention, we have secured a pretty lofty spot on the food chain. That being said, stripped down, humans are quite vulnerable. We lack any real natural mechanisms for self defense and hunting. Our strength is mediocre compared to that of the bear or the ape. We don’t have fangs, claws, horns, venom, or any built-in weapons. It seems that without our mental capabilities and the oh-so-glorious opposable thumb, we would have been wiped out long ago, probably by some variation of one of the dangerous species listed below.

Florida Black Bear

The Florida Black Bear is the largest land mammal you can find in Florida. Unfortunately, they are an endangered species and are hard to spot in the wooded areas in which they reside. Even worse, many of these majestic creatures are killed by vehicles while crossing the roads that surround and traverse their territories. As sad as their situation may be, remember that they are not pitiful animals but rather formidable ones. In other words, don’t go looking for black bears in the woods to hug.


Although sharks are not quite as dangerous as Jaws made them out to be, sharks still pack quite a bite and generally should be avoided. Surfers should especially be careful since aggressive sharks have been known to confuse unlucky surfers as sea lions in the past, causing serious injuries and even death to many individuals. While dull sharks, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, and hammerhead sharks are known to inhabit Florida’s waters, Great White sharks have rarely been spotted.

Brown Recluse Spider

Some extremely dangerous creatures come in small, creepy packages. The Brown Recluse Spider, also referred to as the fiddleback spider, or the violin spider, is primarily known for its venomous bite, which can horrifically dissolve flesh and leave gaping wounds behind. If that weren’t enough, these spiders generally like to hang out in dark, secluded areas. We highly suggest you don’t Google image search the brown recluse unless you want to live in fear for the rest of your life.

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