Third Teen Dies of Injuries Sustained in Asiana Flight 214 Crash

Posted on July 15, 2013

The aviation accident attorneys at Farah & Farah in Jacksonville have learned that a third teen girl has died as a result of injuries she sustained when an Asiana Airlines flight crash-landed at San Francisco Airport last week.

The toll now stands at three dead and 182 injured in the crash. Authorities also confirmed that one of the teens who was found dead at the scene had been hit by a fire truck that was racing to extinguish the Boeing 777 blaze. Allegedly, the driver of the truck did not see her because she had been covered in a blanket of foam. It has not been determined whether the girl died as a result of the crash or was killed when she struck by the fire truck.

All three of the dead teens were from China.

National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) investigators have yet to determine if there were any mechanical issues with the Boeing 777’s engines, computers or automated systems. The investigation has determined that the Asiana flight was approaching the runway at a dangerously low altitude and speed before the tail section clipped a seawall and the jet crash-landed. So far, all indicators point to pilot error.

The flight was carrying 64 Americans.

CBS News reports that it may be an uphill battle for the foreigners involved in the crash to get their injury or wrongful death claims heard in U.S. courts. According to CBS, claims filed in foreign courts are more rare, offer smaller payouts and are often more difficult to win.

Although Federal law prohibits attorneys from soliciting victims of air disasters for the first 45 days after a crash, some passengers have already contacted lawyers, which is legal.

The law firm of Farah & Farah is dedicated to helping our clients find justice for themselves and for their deceased family members in cases of aviation disasters. If you believe you have a case, you need to act, because your time to file may be limited.

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