The State Of Florida Wants You to Quit Smoking

Posted on May 6, 2008

The state of Florida is spending about $58 million to get you to kick the habit. Any Floridian who qualifies can receive free nicotine patches, gum and lozenges.

Besides the nicotine patches you can go on their web site to join a service to help you quit.  It’;s called Qwitter and tracks your cigarette use.

Anyone needing help can chat online with someone who can provide encouragement.   Also online is a place to upload your picture. Through “Smokifier” you can see what you will look like after several years of smoking.

For students there is a contest to create a video with an anti-smoking message called “You Care Video Contest”.  Not only will they air on television but they will also stream on the  web site.

The state is required to spend at least 15 percent of its annual tobacco settlement money on anti-smoking efforts.

For those smokers who spent years with the habit and now are suffering debilitating health effects or their survivors, Farah & Farah is handling thousands of cases who qualify under the Engle Trust Fund.

The smoker or his/her estate has until June 16, 2008 to qualify to share in the $600 million trust fund set up to compensate smokers for their illnesses or the illness of their loved one.

For more information on the background on the Engle Trust Fund visit the Farah & Farah Tobacco and cigarette lawsuits page on our web site.

Or you can sign up on our Tobacco Florida web site and tell us about your illness on the questionnaire.

You must have been diagnosed with any one of several smoking-related diseases including cancers and/or cardiac conditions before November 21, 1996 and have lived in Florida.

Finally the phone number to contact us at Tobacco Florida is 1-866-404-4244.

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