The Problem with Nursing Home Dementia

Posted on December 1, 2015

We handle many nursing home cases involving elderly people with dementia. One thing we’ve noticed with this terrible disease: no matter what kind of dementia someone has, it affects their ability to live a normal, healthy life.

People with dementia can have trouble controlling their balance, so they’re vulnerable to getting hurt in falls or other injuries. Many dementia sufferers also have problems communicating, so they’re often unable to let someone know they’re hurt.

It’s estimated that half of all long-term care facility residents suffer from some form of dementia. Back in 2005, the Alzheimer’s Association started educating care providers on how best to care for people suffering from dementia. The Association recommends more screening for nutritional care and an increase in trained staff to watch patients who are still mobile. Of course, these recommendations need a well-trained staff at a facility with adequate facilities to really work.

But, even with the best training and equipment, patients are still going to get hurt. This is where we can help.

If you suspect a loved one has been injured, please contact Farah & Farah today to discuss your options. Long-term care facilities that aren’t staffed or equipped to care for dementia patients cause thousands of injuries not just in Florida, but nation-wide. Hold them accountable. Call us today.

We can be reached at (800) 533-3555.

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