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December 27, 2012

The Holidays Are a Time to Give Back

Holiday gift

No matter how busy or stressful the holidays may get, the legal team at Farah & Farah doesn’t forget about their community. Attorney Eddie Farah was happy to sponsor seniors through the Jacksonville Bar Association for Christmas. The names of those supported were provided by the Aging True, Inc. Meals on Wheels.

Seniors were given the opportunity to sign up on the Santa Wish List. Farah & Farah sponsored three seniors.

The law firm was able to directly deliver the gifts to two of the seniors; however, since one senior is in the hospital, Meals on Wheels picked up his presents for delivery. It was one of the recipient’s birthday on the day her Christmas presents were delivered, adding an extra touch of joy to her holiday season and celebration.

Aging True strives to make the lives of the elderly in Northeast Florida fulfilling and refined. By upholding their motto that “aging gracefully and with dignity is what every person deserves,” Aging True helps seniors live independently in several ways, some of which include providing services for home-based care, food, mental wellness, and caregiver support.

Farah & Farah is honored to have assisted such a spirited and life-changing organization to help the elderly live healthy and happily.

With the year 2013 quickly approaching, it’s important to reflect on this past year and how you can help better serve your community. Many times, all it takes is to bring a smile to a person in need. If you can do more, then you may find such actions brighten your life as well as the lives of whom you help.

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