The 5 Worst Easter Candies

Posted on April 17, 2014

When it comes to candy celebrations, Easter is only second to Halloween. Every year, kids (and plenty of adults) celebrate with not just colored eggs, but candy and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And while chocolate bunnies and various egg-shaped goodies are delicious staples of the spring holiday, there are far too many terrible treats, as well.

So, for your consideration, here are terrible Easter candies you may have encountered in your many years of holiday celebrations.

Easter Candy Corn – It doesn’t matter if it’s orange, white, and black at Halloween or pastel-colored at Easter, candy corn is never a good option. Who would pass up chocolate, eggs, and other sweets for this strangely waxy hybrid of unknowable chemicals?

Jordan Almonds – A real staple of Easter treats, these colored almonds seem to be popular for no real reason. These pastel-colored, sugar-coated nuts are not a healthy alternative to other holiday candies. The only things these have over the rest of the snacks is that their rock-hard nature could break your tooth and keep you from eating more candy.

If you must, buy these for decoration only. But don’t expect anyone to eat them.

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