Teens Experience Texting While Driving

Posted on July 1, 2010

Teenagers were given the best lesson they can receive behind the wheel. A Florida Times-Union article reports that in a demonstration by Allstate’s Family Driving Challenge at the Avenues Mall, kids were challenged to talk on the cell phone as they maneuvered their parent’s cars through and around cones and inflatable dummies.

An instructor called in questions and one 17-year-old had to maneuver and drive at the same time. She didn’t do a very good job, at least according to her mother.

“You could totally see a big difference with her driving not on the phone and on the phone,” said her mother, suggesting we should all try this experiment. Teenager Joseph Jumber hit at least one cone as he drove while talking on the cell phone with his father sitting next to him.

The idea of this program is to show teenagers that even though they feel they are in control, distracted driving is unsafe driving. It just takes a few seconds with your eyes off the road to end a life. The last exercise was to text while driving with rowdy passengers in the back seat talking and playing music. That’s when the most cones were hit.

Florida accident lawyers and citizens alike are shocked by estimates revealing that distracted driving kills 2,600 people every year, according to the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis. In the time it takes to text a message, a car traveling at 55 mph could cross a football field. Imagine how fast they can go into the back of the car ahead of them. We must all play our part in helping prevent needless auto accidents. Save your cell phone conversations and text messages for when you are NOT behind the wheel and be sure that your teen understands that confidence does not ensure safe driving on its own.

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