Teen Girl Survives Drunk Party, Heroes Come Forward

Posted on July 19, 2008

A few stories ago we reported on the young teenage girl who drank herself unconscious and could not be awakened. 

This week she was released from the hospital. If it had not been for the conscious decision by other teens, she might have never woken up.  

There were 60 kids at a party in St. Augustine according to St. Johns County deputies.  Kevin Lovelace, 18 tells Channel 4 that he knew something was wrong when he saw the 14-year-old girl.

“She completely looked lifeless,” said Lovelace. “My friend — a really good friend — just passed away from (an overdose). I didn’;t want that to happen again, so I figured somebody had to make the right decision.”

Lovelace and a friend, Matt Kent, rushed the girl to Flagler Hospital. She was later transferred to Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center.  Lovelace says he knew the girl was young, but he had no idea she was 14.

But the home residents, Gagnon and Burt did reportedly know the girl. The two are responsible for the party and were arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Also arrested was 18-year-old Noah Bryant who allegedly brought the girl to the party.  

They have all bonded out of jail on the second-degree misdemeanor charges.  They are just lucky the charges were not more serious. 

This incident serves as a warning to all around — hopefully the parents involved as well-so we don’;t have to repeat these near fatalities.   

“I feel good about myself and helping the little girl and helping a family out because I can’;t imagine what would have happened if that girl would have died in that house,” Lovelace said.

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