Teen Drivers the Focus in Tallahassee

Posted on March 21, 2008

Teen drivers will likely feel the focus out of Tallahassee this legislative session.

The automobile association wants to ban teen drivers from talking on their cell phone.  Another bill would require completion of a driver education program before getting a license. 

And I have no idea how this would be managed, but Senate Bill 282 and House Bill 77 would prohibit underage passengers from driving with a minor unless they have someone over the age of 21 in the car.  The limit would be three underage passengers.

And it goes on.  Underage drivers, from ages 15 through 17,  would not be allowed to have any underage passengers in the car for up to six months after receiving a driver’;s license.  

The thought is the more passengers, the higher the chance of an auto wreck.  

And keeping a driver’;s license out of the hands of someone who has not completed school is not rallying much support in Tallahassee, largely because there is no correlation between attending school and safe driving.

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