Seatbelts Save Lives In Auto Accident If You Wear Them

Posted on April 4, 2008

Every hour someone dies because they fail to wear their seat belts in the U.S. 

And we so often write often write about people who make that decision with fatal results.  

A Jacksonville woman, 50-year-old Pamela Joy Corl died after being thrown from a vehicle in which she was a passenger.  The vehicle was being driven by Danner Brown, 50, who was towing a travel trailer.

They were traveling late Thursday on Interstate 95 north of State Road 9A when the vehicle began to fishtail. Brown reportedly overcorrected causing the vehicle to overturn.

Corl was thrown out of the car and died at the scene. Brown was taken to Baptist Hospital South with serious injuries.  Florida Highway Patrol is investigating and charges could be filed.

According to federal statistics 75 percent of people thrown out of a vehicle in an accident are killed. Seat belts are shown to slow ejection from the vehicle to one percent versus 22 percent of people who aren’;t buckled up.

Seatbelts are the most effective way to reduced fatalities and serious injuries but unfortunately about 20 percent of adults still don’;t wear them.  

If you’;ve been involved in an accident our

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