Red-Light Runners — Smile At The Camera

Posted on September 3, 2008

A new traffic control technique got underway this week in Central Florida that is aimed at catching those among us who feel compelled to run red lights.

You know the people who cross in your path and if they were two seconds later would have T-boned your car.

Seven of the most dangerous intersections in Orlando will have the cameras and lasers placed on poles about 12 feet high. They will take images as the vehicle approaches an intersection, taking a still photo and video of violators.  

The LaserCraft cameras are automatically alerted to violators by monitoring a vehicles’;s speed which will trip the camera to start shooting when it appears clear the vehicle is not going to stop. 

Legally, the question that remains unanswered is what if someone else is driving the car- not the person it’;s registered to?

An Orlando officer will look over the images to confirm the red light was run. And if a license tag is linked to an owner, he or she will receive a ticket by certified mail. Since the car’;s owner will get the ticket, you can make the argument it wasn’;t you in the car.

But whoever was in the car will still have to pay the ticket.   

If you really want to fight this further, you have to download a form at, then email that to Orlando’;s code-enforcement office where a hearing office will hear your case and make a decision.

The fine is $125. No driver’;s license points will be assessed. A third ticket will result in a $250 fine. But the good news is that your insurance company will not be notified.  

Maybe people will think twice before then run a red-light.  In our state red-light running kills about 100 people every year and injured 6,300. Orlando alone saw 525 crashes from red-light running last year.  Eyes will be waiting to see if this program is successful enough to take state-wide.

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