REAL ID Driver’s License Begins Next Month

Posted on September 19, 2008

Beginning in October, Florida drivers will have to obtain a nationally compliant driver’;s license called Real ID.This is controversial because it moves us one step closer to a national ID card, many believe will give government more control over our lives, while taking authority away from states.

The change will mean longer lines at motor vehicle because more documentation is required. The cost will go up too.

Licenses will look the same when they are compliant with the federal Real ID program which takes authority away from states and establishes federal requirements under the Department of Homeland Security that states must meet before handing out a Florida driver’;s license.

After October 1, drivers will have to present proof of a Social Security number, with a passport or birth certificate, along with the old license. The purported reason for this is it will make it more difficult for someone to get a fake driver’;s license or to steal someone else’;s.

But the American Civil Liberties Union disagrees that it will make the country any safer, while it has the potential to concentrate power in the hands of fewer, violate the privacy of Americans and discriminate against immigrants.

A computer network with your information can be accessed by the DMV, by any federal or state agency.All it takes is one breech for someone to steal your identity.

Senator Bill Nelson supports Real ID as long as social security numbers can’;t be stolen. Rep. Corrine Brown opposes it because of the potential for abuse.

States can refuse to follow federal requirements, but run the risk of having state residents barred from a planes or buildings.

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