Proposed Florida Legislative Ban on Texting While Driving to be Heard in March

Posted on December 22, 2010

In Florida’;s upcoming legislative session, state lawmakers will try to prohibit the use of cell phones and texting while behind the wheel, reports The Miami Herald. A proposal has been filed in the state Senate filed by Sen. Evelyn Lynn (SB80) which prohibits e-mails, texting, and reading text messages along with other forms of electronic communication while driving. A violation of the law would result in a $100 fine. Presently, there is no House version of the bill. In 2010, the Florida Senate passed a ban on texting while driving but the House never addressed the proposal. The last stumbling block may be the new incoming governor, Rick Scott, who has in the past failed to commit to a full ban.

National Distracted Driving Accident Statistics
Using national traffic data, a study out of the University of North Texas this fall found texting while driving took more than 15,000 lives in a six-year period and was responsible for more than 15 percent of traffic fatalities. With more than 90 percent of Americans owning cell phones, estimates are about 80% of Americans admit they use their cell phone while driving.

If Florida passes a cell phone ban next year during the session in March, it will join eight states that have some sort of ban on electronic communications while driving. Other states target their cell phone prohibitions on teen and/or school bus drivers.

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